red label

OTTOMONDI red label Edition is part of OTTOMONDI commitment to ethical fashion.


Fabric and materials of OTTOMONDI red label are sourced directly from the artisans in the Philippines who made them respecting fair trade standards.


OTTOMONDI red label showcases the story-laden cloth from the wooden looms of artisan weavers from the Philippines by incorporating a fabric called Inabel (meaning "handwoven" in the Ilocano dialect) 

Inabel traces its history at the time of Spanish colonization of Ilocandia in the 1500s. Even before that, the cloth has been used in barters between neighboring Asian countries, in exchange for gold, ceramics, and other valuable commodities.

OTTOMONDI aspires to raise awareness of this century old tradition and craft and to encourage the public to support sustainable products.

How is Inabel Made?


OTTOMONDI red label envisions to raise awareness and celebrate the diversity of local artisanal traditions by showcasing Filipino craftsmanship and heritage.


As a tribute to the story and the people behind each piece, OTTOMONDI red label products always come with a certificate or label describing the fabric origin and its special characteristics.

OTTOMONDI Red label includes a range of ARTee, bags, hats and other accessories featuring indigenous crafts from the Philippines

From the harvest of home-grown cotton by farmers, to weaving of intricate designs by the master weavers. The tradition is passed down from generations along with the stories carried by the fabric's patterns.

A single batch of fabric(around 40 yards) would take up to two months to make

Stitches of Inabel shapes drawn from contemporary art 

Playful. Creative. Indigenous.