002 — HAJIME


A cavalcade of modern warriors trooping down the karst mountains of Yangshuo County in Guilin. 

The collection is an assemblage of East Asian influences, specifically martial gear, reinterpreted for the contemporary context. 

Collection 002

Loose yet structured silhouettes and contrasting trims can be found on the tops and on the trousers.


Panel pants and detachable ultra-thin bags bring to mind a soldier’s body armor.


The stitched patchwork of organic shapes present in the garments and in the accessories forms patterns reminiscent of the shapes and colors of the limestone formations along the

Li river.

Collection 002 was selected as one of the winning collections of 
BENCH/ Design Awards 2018, and the full collection was presented at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo
(AFWT 2018)

Collection 001



Using the structure of multidisciplinary uniforms, OTTOMONDI showcases the story-laden cloth from the wooden looms of artisan weavers from the Philippines.

Inabel (meaning “handwoven” in the local dialect) was used in barters between neighboring Asian countries, in exchange for gold, ceramics, and other valuable commodities. The height of the popularity of this time-honoured fabric, however, can be traced at the time of Spanish colonization of Ilocandia.

The collection aspires to raise awareness and encourage the public to support sustainable fashion.


Marrying art and fashion, Collection 001 was presented during INABEL 2018 held at Pinto Art Museum.




In support of the main line, OTTOMONDI red label is a constant practice in collaboration and reinvention.


OTTOMONDI red label for INABEL is the first special project of the brand and is dedicated to the handwoven textile tradition of Northern Ilocos, Philippines

As a tribute to the story and the people behind each piece, OTTOMONDI red label products always come with a certificate or label describing the fabric or design origin and its special characteristics.


OTTOMONDI designs are an examination of the concept of utility. With a commitment to detail and narrative, the collections are the expression of intercultural and cross-industry exploration.

In support of the main line, OTTOMONDI red label is a constant practice in collaboration and reinvention. These special projects with limited runs are dedicated to a specific craft, artist, or cause.

The brand is creatively helmed by Sherwin “Otto” Sacramento where he integrates his practice in fine art and background in fashion.






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